What is Zakat in Islam? Zakat of Gold & Silver

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November 6, 2014
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November 11, 2014

What is Zakat in Islam? Zakat of Gold & Silver

What is Zakat in Islam? Zakat in Islam is the purification of properties. It is the one pillar of Islam and Zakat in Islam is the second pillar because Allah placed Zakat next to Prayer. It is the most important part of the wealth and Muslims must pay this Zakat annually to help of poor people of the society. It is compulsory on a free Muslim whether major or minor, sans or insane.

Zakat in Islam is the good deed from Almighty Allah to the poor people of Community. Zakat in Islam is the big source for the needy people who are not able to wear new dresses due to lack of income. We should pay Zakat in Islam accordingly.

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

“Keep up prayer and pay Zakat”.


What is Zakat in Islam?

The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa sallam) said:

“Islam is founded on five pillars of Islam-

1-There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa Sallam) is His servant and messenger, and to bear witness to this formula,

2-To keep up prayers,

3-To pay Zakat

4-To fast and

5-To make Pilgrimage”.

The punishment of those who do not pay Zakat in Islam has been mentioned in this ayat of Quran.

“Give good news of grievous punishment to those who hoard up gold and silver and do not spend in the way of Allah”.

To spend means here to pay the compulsory duty of Zakat.

Hazrat Abu Zarr said while passing by that way said:

Give good news to those who heard up wealth that such firm impressions will be put on their backs which will come out after piercing their sides, that such firm impressions will be put on their forehead that it will come out of their back of the head.

Abu Zarr said:

I came to the prophet who was then seated in the shade of the Ka’bah. He said to me: By the Lord of Ka’bah, they are unbond. I asked: Who are they? He said: Those who increase their wealth and not those who spend in this way, in their fronts, in their backs, in their right sides, in their left sides, but their numbers are few. Those who have got camels, cattle, sheep and goats and who do not pay Zakat will meet with these animals in huge forms on the Resurrection Day. They will attack them with their horns and will tread upon them by their hoofs. If one party go away, another party will come. This will continue till the people are brought for Judgment.

This punishment has been described by Sahi Bakhari and Muslims. So the details of Zakat in Islam should be learnt.

What is Zakat of Gold and Silver:

There is very harshly punish for those who do not pay Zakat in Islam. Zakat of Silver is one fortieth of pure silver if not less than 52 ½ tolas and Gold not less than 7 ½ tolas. This is the Nisab fixed for which Zakat is due. This proportion will continue in case of the value of Gold and Silver or of things made of them if they are in possession for full one year. For ornaments of Gold and Silver which are for use, there is no Zakat in Islam according to Imam Abu Hanifa. It is due on money on loan after the loan is paid.

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