Why us?

Why us?

Islamicclasses.com is providing first time the best online platform for seeking the knowledge of Islam to our Muslim brothers & sisters. This is the greatest place of learning Islamic education. We have started this online tutoring setup for those people who are not able to read Quran in good way. It’s designed special for your kids but now everyone can learn Quran at home. The academy offers various online Quran teaching courses designed in order to improve Muslims Quran reading and understanding abilities.

Our Aim:

Our basic aim is spread the knowledge of Islam to all over the world. The people who are not capable to read Quran with the rules of tajweed, can learn to read Quran with the perfect pronunciation of Arabic alphabets from expert teacher of Islamicclasses.com

The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, the best among you (Muslims) are those who learn Qur’an and teache it”

We are not a part of any organization or group etc… Alhamdulillah we all are Muslims and give our best services to our brothers and sisters.

Quality of Services:

We have trained and experience able staff members to manage this online Quran teaching setup. The quality of services is the major point to be look different from others. For non-stop services we use UPS and Generator as backup.