Tutoring Setup


At islamicclasses.com we have our rules and regulations for making best Quran tutoring setup in the world. We believe one on one live Islamic classes given by Quran tutors because now learning is made easy for busy person. Our Qualified tutors deliver online lectures in the interactive classroom. The environment of this tutoring setup is incredible.

Hiring Criteria for Tutors:

In our organization we have experience able and well trained Quran tutors. We check the ability of tutors for hiring in tutoring center and select the well qualified teachers for teaching Quran. Most of our tutors are Hafiz-e-Quran and got the degrees of Islamic studies.

Training for Tutors:

The Live classes on internet are bit different to teach student. That’s why we give all training to our tutors that how to communicate with students and parents while the teaching. How to share lesson on the screen and use the tools for teaching is the major point of training.

Female tutors:

We have also hired some female tutors for teaching girls and women. The Online training of Quran class is the essential for every female teacher to give best quality services.

Overall Services:

There are everything is perfect to make awesome services for our students.