Our Way

How it works?:

How to learn Quran Online and how it works Online? Quran Learning is very easy now on internet at your home. Check blow method for Online Classes.

To take online Quran classes you will require:

1. A personal computer/laptop
2. A broad band internet connection
3. A computer headset
4. Skype software for conversation (Download Skype software)  Click here
5. GoToMeeting software (Use for screen sharing by the Quran teacher) will be provided to you Free. For GoToMeeting software Click here

Note: Technical support will be provided for installation of software (Free of cost).

There are 6 steps to get registration for online Islamic classes.

1. Fill the registration form(Go to registration page) or for quick contact call on our numbers given on website.
2. Our representative will contact to you via phone/email or online chat to set the free trial classes.
3. After selected the time and days with representative person. Get online on Skype on scheduled time for taking free trial classes with your Quran teacher.
4. After Free 3 trial classes if you are satisfy with our services. You can continue regular classes with Quran tutor by paying little fee/hadya in advance.
5. We are paypal certified and will send to you a link of payment into your email address.
6. You can pay the fee/hadya by clicking on link and start classes.

Note: your comments and feedback will be valued for our online teaching services.