Customer Support

Customer support is the essential part of any website. In our online tutoring environment we provide 24/7 support to our student. If the student are not familiar with the software provided by , Our customer support representative will contact with you and try to solve your problems by using the latest technology of software. We give best quality services for Quran Learning Online at home.

What we do in customer support?

We provide our best services to our students. Any kind of issue for example, The payment issue, class timings with tutors, quality of services, software installation, Skype installation if you don’t have, In short any kind of question you can ask from our customer support representative.

What we use in devices?

We are the best quality service provider to our customer 24/7. We have the paid software to teaching in easy way. We have a highly speed internet connection. We also maintained the new devices to give online Islamic classes to the student. Backup also available in condition of electricity problem. We have in backup devices like UPS, Generator to provide best service.

What are duties of CSRs?

To provide quality of service the CSR’s have a major role. Our CSR’s called the students who have recently signed up for the trial classes and set-up trial class timings and days with the customer.  If customers have any kind of problem about classes, payment or installing software, our CSR’s help out that problem.

Do we provide technical support?

Yes, We also provide any kind of technical support  for our customer to give the best services.